In Malaysia, there are thousands of industries and they actively participate, developing, creating and establishing various brands, products and services which benefit the Malaysian consumers.


They actively contribute and flourishes Malaysia’s economy including cosmetics, oil & gas, construction, film, advertising, sports, arts, manufacturing, automotive, and many more. 


However, among these thousands of industry players, one question arose, WHO IS THE LEADER OF THE INDUSTRY? 


That is why the Industry Leader Award (ILA) is organised thus answering this one important question that is so essential in helping especially the consumer to choose the right brand, product and services.


  1. To identify the best industry player in a specific industry category.
  2. To reward the best industry player who had contributed to the nation’s economic growth.
  3. To identify the industry player with the best brand, products, services who comply with the rules and regulations set by the government.
  4. To help the consumer to choose the best brands, products, services for their personal & business needs.
  5. To avoid miss representation of quality in brands, products and services thus acting as a credential body to give specific credits and merits to the specific qualified company in the industry.



80 Organisation Registered

5 Categories Award Contested

320 Guests Expected


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