MCO Sales Stimulus Campaign

MCO have effected every business all over Malaysia! Conventional marketing method and sales are not very effective anymore! Thus business owner have to find new ways to make sales!

We provide all round solutions to all business and brand owners in lieu of conventional sales and marketing method! With our unique campaign strategies, we manage to help business owners to gain sales even during MCO period thus making their business survive!

Our campaign

1 Million Views Guaranteed Campaign

More people eye balling your brand and product, means more brand and product awareness you will get! Simple calculation with marvelous sales effect!

With Kaya N Kaya viral, we can guarantee you  1 Million Viral Video views within the stipulated campaign period!

Our Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Lets fully utilized the greatness of social media platform to boost up your sales!

We will strategize your social media platform and website with E-commerce features thus change it to a gold mine!

Our campaign

Donation Drive Campaign

Kaya N Kaya Viral unique marketing strategy also suitable for charity and organization which aim to collect donation for their noble courses.

Sign up with our Donation Drive Campaign with special features which can boost up your collections thus make your organization achieved the desired objective!